I designed the Krema Angelova “Energiya” charm bracelets for daily wear – with a very unique intention!

The idea is to keep your stone close to you all day, every day, so the energy works to support you!


Each bracelet is made out of natural sustainable materials.

I use all certified and non-treated gemstones and a uniquely designed solid silver charm.

Krema Angelova Branded Bracelet Crystal

About the Gems

Gems are sourced through agents from different parts of the world (depends on the gem, Amethyst is found in Brasil, ect...).

They are sourced in rough form and then my supplier based in India get them cut as per my requirement.

Each gems is tested and certified by special laboratory to confirm the natural origin of the stone and retains the natural colour. 

These are specially cut and imported to the UK

for the KAJ branded bracelet. There are 9 options available as displayed on the photo.

The K   cube

The cube charm was designed by Daniel Neskromny

a young talented Russian designer.

The charm is produced by Rashko Grantcharov,

an experienced jeweller in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The material for the charm is natural precious metal -

925 sterling silver.

Krema Angelova Branded Bracelet Crystal
Krema Angelova Branded Silver Box Crysta


The final part of my bracelet was to create a box good enough to present the whole concept in one finished, completed,simple yet elegant vision.


Through this creative collaboration, this bracelet represents important elements of my brand: sustainable high quality material and good relationships growing together.

I hope you love it as much as I do!