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9 tips on choosing your stone and helping it choose you!

I have often told people that the choice for the right stone for you goes both ways. It’s not just you who has to make that decision – the stone will do some of this for you! However, many people find this difficult to believe as stones are considered inanimate objects – things with no feelings. So how can a stone make a choice?

True – you have to help it along – but realise that stones radiate energy – a vibration. That energy can pull you towards it. Here are my tips for choosing your perfect stone and allowing it to choose you!

  1. Give yourself time and space – perhaps block an hour out, to really look through the options. Check out “The Meaning of Gems” page for a useful list of each stone and their meaning.

  2. Realise that your initial purpose for the stone may not be what you really need. For me, my search for focus led me towards the realisation that what I needed was balance. Perhaps your first instinct is a step towards helping you achieve your real goal?

  3. Consider colour – this is a big aspect of what you choose – and a colour you are attracted to will be something you will want to wear. The colours of the crystals are normally associated with their purpose as well – the white/blue crystals are calming ones (white Howlite, Larimar, Amazonite), the dark reach brown/black colours are grounding stones (Smoky Quartz, Hematite, Lava)

  4. Ask yourself 2 questions: How I want to feel? What needs to be changed? (This normally is where there is big resistance for change). Then find your supporter through this process.

  5. Ask me – I offer a free consultancy session for each client who reaches. I am at the point in my business where I am enjoying the time I spend interacting with my customers and helping them choose what’s right for them.

  6. Go for what feels right even if the purpose is not what you’re looking for. There is a reason for you being attracted to that gem. It works on an energetic level, so switch off the mind and trust the gut.

  7. If possible, feel the stone and see how it resonates with you? What feeling it gives you? does is feel like – “oh that is so me, here is my stone” or the opposite – “don’t really know where to put it, not sure if I’d wear it or use it at all… “

  8. When looking at a group of different options for stones, try this trick – look away, then look up briefly and see where your eyes stop – which one do you notice right away? The one that takes all your attention is what stands out to you – and it’s a big clue to which you should choose!

  9. You can’t go wrong with the crystals, but you feel overwhelmed and confused in the end – go and get the very first one you’ve considered.

Be sure to check out my list of the

different stones and their meanings,

to see the full selection with images as you apply the tips above – and if you’re still unsure,

I offer a free “choose your stone” session –just email jewellery@kremangelova.co.uk

to book this in!


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