• Krema Angelova

Can Gems Really Heal You?

Modern science has proven that everything that exists is physical shape of a certain energy – therefore nothing is made of material, it is rather a vibration with its own frequency.

What a crazy idea, right?

But people are still sceptical about whether it is possible for inanimate objects like gems, however beautiful they are, can make a positive difference in your life.I have full belief that they CAN heal you. This is not only because of what I have experienced personally, but the feedback I get from my customers.

What are gems?

Once I discovered the beauty and the benefits of gems, I found people are normally fascinated. I know I am! Gems, also known as gemstones, are cut and polished pieces of a valuable mineral rocks – mainly used in jewellery.

Our handmade jewellery incorporates crystals/stones, known for their healing properties. They heal you by giving you courage, positive energy, abundance, confidence, clearing emotions from the past, and adjusting your energy balance.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” - Albert Einstein -

When we say “Everything in the universe is connected” we mean it on an energetic level as much as we mean it on a physical level. We as human beings radiate our own vibration. People with high vibration radiate love, peace and compassion (for example, Mahatma Gandhi, nowadays Dalai Lama) and on the other hand, people with low vibration radiate anger, anxiety or fear.

Now, imagine you drop a stone in a calm water – the stone would pass an impulse to the water and would form a little wave around itself. So that’s one impulse (vibe), the second vibe would be induced by the wave to a second wave and then third, fourth, etc. So, this is exactly how the crystals work for us.

Gems vibrate in the same vibration frequency as humans, so by being in touch with a gem stone or crystal, the frequency of your vibration harmonizes with the vibration of the crystals.

There is a connection between the energy (whatever you’ve got within) and the physical outside world. Gems can help this process of awakening, realisation, harmony, and peace. When something is in your vibration, something within you shifts.

There is some realisation, you awaken about something, or your inner peace and harmony are finally balanced. Your inner world changes suddenly the physical world around you changes too! You will start think different way, and therefore act in a different way and create visible results - by working on our struggles within, we improve our life.

Gems are nature

Gems are little piece of big rocks – they are nature! Nature is powerful.

Just the memory of ocean tides, hot summers, white winters, forest smell or pouring rain evokes feelings and meaning for most of us. We get back to the nature in order to recharge ourselves, our souls, to take rest, to feed the soul, to feel balanced and harmonized again, to clear the mind, to see and feel new horizons, to find ourselves, to realize we can create a better version of us!

Not flowers

We use gems to improve our lives in the area needed. And why gems and not flowers for instance? Simple - gems vibrate at the same pitch as humans and maximize the healing abilities we already have.

There are various thoughts and beliefs about the whole topic of gems, including crystals and stones. and what they can do for you. If you are in doubt, it helps to talk to someone who you feel radiates in a high vibration, who makes you feel understood. For gems to work, you need to push aside your cynicism and believe! Connect with the gems in your own unique way. This is what gives them power, and that’s what will make them work for you.


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