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Focus, focus! 5 hacks that help me when I’m daydreaming or drifting!

Do you need to improve your focus? I am sometimes really good at focusing and getting lots of work done and other times I find I daydream and get distracted.So I look for ways to be more focus!

My “go-to” method, like with many of life’s challenges, is to us specific crystals like BLUE QUARTZ, SODALITE and YELLOW AGATE.

The sodalite is also called “Logic Stone“ and is great for analysis, intuition, observation and creativity and the yellow agate helps with increased willpower, concentration and memory.

Yellow Agate has properties which include increased willpower, concentration, memory and logic. Uplifting and motivational. It becomes a favourite for energetic people.

Blue Quartz, also called "Dumortierite", is a stone of peace, expression and order that can enhance organisational abilities, self-discipline, and orderliness. It inspires to be brave and take control of your own life, by increasing the level of patience.

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Summer bracelet with yellow agaite

Here are 6 other ways that I found have helped me a lot, to get lots of work done!

1. Get the biggest task done first thing in the morning

Just like the recommendations in Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog” (the title says it all really and I personally haven’t read the book but I get the idea!) this will give you feeling that you’ve completed 50% of your priorities for the day and there won’t be that heaviness of the most difficult task anymore. It already gives you the feeling of very productive day which will stimulate you to finish off everything - and if you don’t – you won’t beat yourself for doing nothing because the most important has been done first!

This is HUGE – if you manage make this your process, in a short while you’ll start to function from a place of proficiency and confidence.

2. Measure progress

It’s the most amazing phenomenon, but if I look at where I am, set a goal, and keep track, I get better results. So, for example, for me, I might need be making bracelets. If I say “I need to make X bracelets this week” then get to work, I keep track along the way, and feel a sense of accomplishment the closer I get to my goal. This works with making social media posts, working on email, and doing my budgeting. I learned about this trick from James Clear – see more here.

3. Take the phone out of the room

If I really want to focus on something that I can do without my phone I physically take it to another room and leave it there. It may feel scary and strange at first, but this goes to show just how often we rely on our phone – and how much of a distraction it really is! I got this tip from this article and it works really well!

I have all my sounds off apart from calls! So if there is anything urgent I get to hear it, everything else can wait!

4. Don’t eat where you work, don’t work where you sleep…

Making sure you have this space means that within a certain period of time your brain will switch to a work/productive mode once you get to that place – you’re training the brain to associate the place with focus and works. Keep it really simple and minimalistic, so that there are no distractions. Laptop, note pad and pen, crystal for focus or money, motivation quote – no food, kids, toys, pets, TV, etc just work related stuff!

5. Coworking and “work sprints”

This one I tried recently with my friend Keren, who also helps with my marketing. She and I sat at the Social Café in central Sofia, described to each other what we’d each work on, got to it for 45 mins “sprints” and then reported how we did.

We did 3-4 sprints and I got more done in that day then I ever do! Music was playing, and we even stopped and did videos about it! You can see mine here! and read an article on Keren’s website about the worksprint method.


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