• Krema Angelova

How Do You Get the Best Out Of Your Gems?

In my article “Can gems really heal you?” I explain what makes them work. “By being in touch with a crystal the frequency of your vibration harmonizes with the vibration of the crystals.” In other words, the vibration of crystals works best when it’s near you – so you can physically touch them. Keep your crystal close to yourself, or better yet, wear it constantly. You could carry a piece in wallet, bag, pocket, etc. However, it’s best, to try to actually be in touch with it at all the time, which is why wearing crystals in jewellery is the best way to stay connected with your crystal.

The bigger the better

It’s important to note that the size of the crystal doesn’t matter in term of its energy but, it will affect how strongly the stone vibrates and emits that energy. That’s why bigger crystals are more suitable for an open space and smaller ones for everyday wear.

You can have one raw piece of rough crystal on your side table next to your bed, your working desk, around your computer, anywhere you are for sustainable time. Rough crystals are the most native and natural form of a crystal.


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