• Krema Angelova

How much is too much ?

There are only two times you would potentially see me without any jewellery.

1. I am in a rush or in fact I am late. If I am in a rush, but not late I would spend few minutes to put some pieces on... and then I would be late…

2. I am in a depression or even worse, in some kind of apathy (which is not usual for an emotional woman like me, I’m ether happy, sad or mad.).

These final details of a look are the ones to be seen first and the ones to show what you think of yourself and how you feel about yourself. Your jewellery talks a lot about you.

Have you noticed that your taste for jewellery changes when random or major things in your life change – new job, new hobby, new dress, new haircut, new town, etc...?

Once your own perception about who you are changes and it comes with the whole vision.

So how much is too much?

It is about the proportion, it is about the

mix of the styles, materials and texture, vision, but most of all it is about HOW YOU FEEL. For example:

  • I used to work in an office – so a watch was something I would wear every day depending on the style. But I also love watches I always loved them.

  • When I’m in my feminine energy my jewellery becomes smaller on size but, more stones and sparkles…

  • When I go wild – OH! This is my favourite! My motto becomes – The more the better! You can see mix and layers of necklaces and bracelets on me.

What I am trying to say here – don’t try to fit into any trends and someone’s opinion.

Do it the way it makes you feel good and the way it shows your true self.

It is a freedom, you could be someone different every day, be that palette, rainbow, limitless on characters and visions, simply by wearing different pieces.


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