• Krema Angelova

How To Care For Your Crystals

We use crystals to balance our MIND, BODY and SOUL and we all know they act on an energetic level. They absorb negative energy and vibrations from us and our lives. That is why they are so healing to us – they release us from overwhelming, anxiety and stress. So, it is so important to clean and recharge them regularly.

1. How to clean your crystals

Clean your crystals often – especially if they are new, you have been carrying them around all day, or you just get a feeling they need it. For best results, use one of the following methods:

Sea salt is the most traditional purifying agent. It dispels any sort of un-ease and negativity and is a physical and psychic disinfectant. It is the most accepted and probably the most powerful method of clearing crystals and stones. Use dry salt, place the sea salt in a glass or non-plastic container and bury the crystals, leave overnight.

Natural running water is said to neutralise any negative energy stored inside the stone and return it back to the earth. Whatever your water source, ensure that your stone is completely submerged.

This is great for hard stones, such as quartz, but not suitable for stones that are brittle or soft, such as selenite, kyanite, and halite.

Return to nature - bury them in the earth, soil or clay for 2 -7 days as this provides a slow and gentle form of cleansing. The longer you leave it the deeper the cleansing.

2. How to recharge your crystals

Below, I have listed a few different ways you can recharge your crystals, to give them back the power they had all along.

Sunlight: Placing your crystals in sunlight for an hour or so , will charge most crystals. After a sun bath on your windowsill, your crystals will be noticeably brighter.

Moonlight: Placing your crystals out under moonlight is a gentle and penetrating method for recharging. The full moons' light is the brightest in its cycle, thus giving a greater charge to your crystals. So, check your calendar for the next full moon!

Other crystals: Placing your crystals on an amethyst or clear quartz cluster is great for recharging jewellery and smaller crystals.

Let them breathe: Your crystals like to be out in the open, where they can work to their full potential. Keep them on material or in a bag that is made from silk, satin, velvet or cotton - not made fibres. Crystals need to be treated carefully as they are fragile and can chip and split.


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