Green River Bracelet

Green River Bracelet


Quartz Crystal & Rhodochrosite & Cat Eye 8mm Stone Beads


Also called smoked or Morione, Black Rutilated Quartz can help those who are uncertain about the world. This stone will inspire you to accept all the responsibilities and challenges of changing the quality of an individual’s personal life. Compared to other stones that bring suppressed negative models on the surface, the black rutilated quartz will dissolve these energies. Additionally, the stone will push you to assimilate more in life, teaching you how to leave what is no longer needed.


White Quartz holds the majority of information in the crystal world. It has the meaning and properties to purify negative energy. It is a gemstone not to accumulate negative thoughts and emotions. It is also recommended when you need spiritual healing.


Rhodochrosite is also called the ‘Stone of the Compassionate Heart’. It is the quintessential gemstone of love and compassion. Rhodochrosite brings true joy to one's life, heals old wounds and makes it possible to love oneself and others unconditionally.


Green cat eye is associated with the heart, love and receiving.


Metal Accent Discs

6.5 Inch Circumference Stretchable

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